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At Micro-To-Mainframe Consultants, we provide a full array of services to fit you or your company’s specific requirements.  From web site development and design to customized network applications and technical support, our  experience and expertise can help your company succeed.  We’ve now expanded our Services to now include Residential customers too!

 Software Systems Development

Micro-To-Mainframe Consultants has extensive experience in creating customized software applications to fit the specific requirements of our clients.  From the initial system’s analysis, to the planning, design, programming and installation of software and hardware solutions, our professionals use State-of-the-Art development tools and will seamlessly coordinate all aspects of your project.

Business  & Home Network Solutions

Micro-To-Mainframe Consultants, will work with you to provide the best solution for you and/or your company. Whether you are an individual, a small business or large corporation with various server and e-mail needs, our consultants will devise the best systems available to fit within your budget requirements.

Security Solutions

Computer and Network security has become of the utmost importance for every person and every  company.  Don’t let virus’, malware, or other intrusions compromise you or your business.  We can evaluate your vulnerabilities and propose the right solutions for you or your company.  Firewalls, Antivirus solutions, Identity Management and SSO (Single Sign On) can help keep your computer, network and web site secure while easing access by authorized users.



Our hands-on approach and communication skills enables our consultants to provide effective training to you and your staff.  Make your employees more productive with the best training available.

Technical Support / PC Repair

Having hardware or software problems? Help X Your computer, software or network is down or not performing as expected?  Do you suspect that a virus or spyware has infected your system?  We’re experts at troubleshooting all kinds of hardware and software problems.  Give us call today for a complete evaluation.

Web Site Design and Maintenance

This web site was designed, developed, programmed and maintained by Micro-To-Mainframe Consultants.  We can provide a wide variety of design options to serve YOUR needs.  With extensive experience in SSO (Single Sign On) for web based applications, we can integrate your Identity Management needs with your web infrastructure.

System Integration and Project Management

We can assist in integrating various systems into a cohesive unit to streamline your system processes.  Combined with our Project Management skills, our experienced consultants provide the skills your company needs for reducing costs and reducing system complexity.

Other Services

From vendor analysis and Image-Blue-Buttons X system evaluations to wireless network solutions, Micro-To-Mainframe Consultants provides a long list of services that can help your business be more efficient and grow.  

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